About Us

Mission statement

Australian Active Aim prides itself on doing more than promised, delivering more than expected. We strive to give the service you deserve and more. We go above and beyond to give you the results you couldn’t even dream of.


We think of ways to succeed others don’t. Our motivation is to change people’s lives and make their personal and professional lives a special place.
We aim to excel beyond expectations!

We aim and succeed with changing peoples’ lives and businesses, to help people make the most of their lives and to work to full capacity. We make a workplace be as productive as possible. We are not like any other business in Australia.  Just look at the extra services we provide like the business registrybusiness reviewsfundraisingtips, and extra options on the web site. We are never too big to care or too small to have the experience and knowledge.

Belinda Pearl

Founded Australian Active Aim with all her experiences and passions in mind. Belinda’s working life has been teaching or motivating in some form or another. Ranging from motivational teaching to encouraging a child to have enough confidence to dance.

Belinda’s experience and qualifications in counselling, communication, owning businesses, mentoring businesses, motivational teaching, training, assessing and dance teaching gives her a diverse range of experience to motivate all, bringing fun and excitement to her work.

Belinda’s positive and likeable approach makes an easy environment to learn in and grow.

Workplace Training


We create courses and workshops specifically to suit your businesses needs. What is the vital ingredient that your business or staff are missing? What does your business need to jump beyond expectation?

We work with human resource issues, communication, customer service, motivation, stress management, conflict management, sales productivity, team building, time management, employability skills and more.

We can conduct meetings with the employer and staff on their concerns about the business. We can survey all staff members on their needs. We have a truly different and holistic approach to workplace training and success in your business.

Personal or professional coaching

We can personally cater  for your own personal/ professional needs and create intense training to assist you in any direction you wish to go in. Our personal and professional coaching  is active, intense and extremely productive.

You will be astounded with what can be achieved in an hour  or two. We also create a document  to record all the strategies we discuss in the session to help you  utilize in your time. We will come up with around 20 or more strategies

and tools in one session.