Activities Specialist

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We create fun and exciting activities for your workplace, organization or school.

Our activities can promote team work, trust within a working environment, communication, motivation, confidence, coordination, strengthen memory, good health, stress management and brighten up staff or students and many other benefits!

Within our activities specialist sector we don’t underestimate the correlation between physical and psychological motivation.  The connection is huge! When you are enjoying fun activities, laughing and exercising you are releasing endorphins and creating change in an easy and effective way.

While enjoying each activity we incorporate motivation, healthy eating, exercise and good habits.

Belinda Pearl – The Creator of Australian Active Aim

  • Experience in dance since 1985
  • Dance teaching experience since 1993
  • Wrote, directed and choreographed for personally owned theatre restaurant
  • Qualified trainer and assessor
  • Experience in professional performing and entertaining since 1990
  • Extensive experience in kids parties, clowning and fire eating
  • Fitness instructor
  • Working with children check
  • Qualified in counselling and communication
  • Experienced with children with special needs
  • Verbal and physical motivational teacher
  • Stage and special effects make-up artist
  • Senior 1st aid certificate


  • We consult with you to discover your business needs
  • Divergent thinking, outside the square to bring your business outside your comfort zone into success!
  • Enthusiastic, fun and positive approach to training with a touch of wackiness
  • Course structured around you the client, to suit your every need
  • training staff
  • Revamping your business
  • On the job training on your premises
  • Reach higher returns and client base
  • No travel cost or inconvenience to students
  • Helps staff or students with coordination, strength, memory and health
  • Modern, popular music and dance all walks of life will enjoy
  • All walks of life are welcome with a vast array of special needs, always welcome!

Some activities include:

  • Theatre sports
  • Dance
  • Massage
  • Team building games and ice breakers
  • Relaxation activities
  • Theme days
  • Entertainment
  • Circus skill training
  • Productions
  • Primary school curriculum programs

Dance Styles

  • Jazz
  • Rock’n’Roll
  • Ballroom
  • Contemporary
  • Belly dancing
  • Movement / expression

Extra Options

  • From minimal to extensive assistance with production ideas and performances
  • Costume and set design assistance
  • Professional stage make-up application