Business Consulting

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Business coaching is available at Australian Active aim. We Mentor a large number of businesses per year and have dramatic results with their increase in sales and success, as well as personal achievements in their business. Australian Active Aim has years and years of experience in business. We are aware of past successes and failures of others in business. We share our knowledge and experience, listen to your direction and dreams and help you to fulfil them. The advice, experience and knowledge we offer is priceless to your business!


  • Experience in business since 1992

Experienced in consulting many different businesses (over 120 businesses). See Australian Active Aims Affiliated Businesses to see the diversity of some of the businesses

  • Owned a variety of businesses

What business consulting can do for you

At least 20 strategies are found & documented each session

  • Marketing
  • Record keeping
  • Staff Training & HR issues
  • Management
  • Combing Personal & Professional life
  • Support you with your business
  • Customer service
  • Systems & Working efficiently
  • Supporting Businesses in every possible way!
  • Give you great ideas about improving your business
  • Lets you know you’re on the right track with your business
  • Giving you the life skills to achieve what you want & the business you desire
  • Give you ideas about your life around your business, so your business flows well
  • Educate you about the tricks of business
  • Gives you strategies to create Great Success in all facets of your Business.
  • Educate you about local support, such as free legal and tax advice
  • Motivate you into success with your business
  • Learning little tricks of the trade to increase your business turn over
  • The increased business productivity as a result of coaching could pay for your mentor sessions
  • Give you amazing ideas for marketing and promoting your business

What we can offer you as a business consultant


  • We look at all facets of your business
  • Help with services available in the local area for businesses
  • Answer tax questions, lurks and perks
  • Marketing outside of the circle
  • Work with your ideas and help you expand them
  • Human resource issues such as stress management, relaxation, time management, communication
  • Working with book work and some computer programs
  • Looking at organization skills
  • Customer service
  • Staff hiring and training
  • Many opportunities for Australian Active Aim to promote your business via word of mouth, the business registry on the web site, us holding and handing out your business cards, you advertising on our newsletters free of charge and a hard copy of the business registry is given to every new business and more
  • There are a million reasons why you should be coached by Australian Active Aim.