Gratitude is the ticket to success. Being thankful for what you have already received helps you in so many ways.

  • It helps you to stay positive and look on the good side of things.
  • It makes others around you feel appreciated
  • It makes you see how far you have come
  • It makes you see where you can go and how possible it is
  • It keeps you motivated

I want to thank my boys for being so wonderful. They have supported me through the very hard times we have been through, from serious illness to financial troubles. My boys are my best friends, we are very close and my boys are so interested in every step we have made in our business as it grew. Success after success they were there and the first to know. I thank them for being patient with me when there was too much work, not enough staff and not having my own stress management and relaxation management techniques in place.

I want to say a huge thank-you to my mentors who have helped me, inspired me and built up my knowledge, so I can pass on to others.

Paul Miller, you have been so intelligent and informative. Paul has become a true friend who has been there to listen to my stories and support me through the stages of my business. Paul is the one who believed in me enough before I did, to make me succeed in helping others as I do.

My Mother Juanita Vella, a very strong and experienced business women, who has been in business since I was 3 years old. She showed me how strong a woman can be and to have the strength to accomplish anything. She has helped me in my current business tremendously with opinions, sometimes harsh honest ones which are important also in business.

My Father, Ray Vella, who has been there to throw an opinion or an idea at and has always there to help me.

All my friends and family have supported me in my journey to growing a very successful business.