Motivational Training

Motivational Training

Belinda Pearl – The Creator of Australian Active Aim

  • Experience in motivational teaching since 1993
  • Owned many businesses in various fields
  • Extensive experience in staff training, motivation and increasing product turnover and quality of service.
  • Qualified in counselling and communication
  • Qualified trainer and assessor
  • Experience working with and helping youth since 1994
  • Working with children check
  • Senior 1st aid certificate


  • Course structured around you the client, to suit your every need
  • Divergent thinking, outside the square to bring you outside your comfort zone into success!
  • Enthusiastic, fun and positive approach to training with a touch of wackiness


  • Motivate you to reach your goals! (search, find and nail them!)
  • Motivate you into the work force! (finding the confidence and direction)
  • Teenagers understanding the world and the world understanding them!
  • Business motivation, promoting higher product sales and service
  • More course options in the workplace training section


As a 21 year old, I eagerly jumped into the car my mechanic refused to tune. His words of woe ringing in my ears, “you won’t make it to the next town!” Defying all odds, I chugged all the way to Queensland as the boot of my car bowed from my beauty products. With my enthusiasm and determination I opened my salon with extreme success, only returning to marry.

After my husband walked another road 6 weeks prior to the birth of our baby, I was left with not many seeds to sow. I renovated my home to sell, to buy my little run down dream farm home and fix it up.

I had nothing but my renovated little farm home and $5000. My next move was to purchase a free hold premises with the view of creating a wedding reception with my 1 and 3 year old boys by my side. As 33 loan applications and 4 months went by, I purchased tables, plates and glasses as every bank and broker turned me down. I GOT IT! There was no other option than me reaching my dreams!