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Life-Changing Sayings & Thoughts

By Belinda Pearl ©

It just clicked! The sayings that can change your life are in this book!

Please don’t read this book all at once, savour each page and really think about the words. Let it manifest into your soul. May the power of each word give you the strength to make the change you want, dream and need.


About the Author:

Belinda Pearl has had great experience in deep dramatic challenges in her
life that has beautifully moulded her into who she is today. “I am the author
of my life!”

Professionally Belinda has been teaching motivation for the last 17 years.
She has studied psychology, counselling, communication and business.
Belinda is also the founder of an extremely successful business called “Australian Active Aim” which teaches Motivation, Business Mentoring,
Workplace Training & Activities Specialist.

It just clicked! Has a beautiful entry in the book addressed to loved ones which makes it perfect for a gift also.

IT JUST CLICKED! – Life-Changing Sayings and Thoughts
Softcover Price: $29.95

Hardcover Price: $49.95

spaceship belindasigning


By Belinda Pearl ©

This book is written in a child’s brilliant language so that they can go on an adventure and be taken away with the story. Dreams, Determination & The Awesomest Spaceship will inspire and give little souls some tools to take through their life. Such as confidence, goal setting, hard work, achieving, problem solving, visualisation, positive thinking, being responsible, as well as determination and gratitude.

Dreams, Determination & The Awesomest Spaceship has a beautiful entry in the book addressed to loved ones which makes it perfect for a gift also.

Dreams, Determination & the Awesomest spaceship! – A motivational tale
Softcover Price: $29.95


Audio CDs

Inspirational relaxation C.D’s

Cd’s with benefits

  • All the Cd’s in the Australian Active Aim range are digitally mastered with high quality materials.
  • They are recorded with care and consideration to assist every listener to bring their life into success.
  • Background sounds & music are created to encourage a calming and soothing effect.
  • Messages on the Cd’s are carefully chosen to create positive imagines in the conscious and subconscious mind.
  • With the extensive experience, qualifications and study in psychology, communication & motivation of  Belinda Pearl these Cd’s are extremely unique and are compliant with the teachings of Belinda Pearl and Australian Active Aim books.

Relaxation and motivation Cd’s are $29.95 each, or $120.00 for a full set of 5.

Wholesale pricing for retail outlets is available, please contact us.


Building Confidence

  • Perfect CD for adults & children alike.
  • Relax & build your confidence at the same time
  • This CD can help you feel more confident & positive
  • It can help you feel great about you
  • Relax while being educated about the tricks to confidence
  • Feel more confidence and grab life with positivity
Building Confidence CD
Price: $29.95

Increasing Productivity & Success

Do you want to excel? Be the best you can be? Do you want to rise up above your fears & what has held you back before? This Cd can help you improve your work quality, and the way you feel about you and your life.

  • Promoting ambitions & motivation
  • Improving personal & professional life
  • Breaking through barriers & fears
  • Grabbing life with all it has to offer
  • Living to your full potential!
  • Perfect CD for adults & children alike.
Increasing Productivity and Success CD
Price: $29.95

Releasing the Past

Do you want to rise up above your past? Do you want to forgive and forget?

Are you sick of holding on to all that has happened to you?

Are you tired of the excuses your past brings you? RELEASE IT ALL!

  • This CD can help you break the ties you have with the past
  • It can put you in the now and not in the then!
  • Relaxation techniques & may your freedom begin!
  • Help you find great freedom from the past
  • All you need to do is play it, and allow yourself to release. Just wait for the results!
Releasing the Past CD
Price: $29.95

Weight Loss & Health Gain

  • This CD helps to create long lasting healthy eating habits
  • Works with the reasons why people over eat
  • Make good eating choices
  • Addressing emotional eating
  • Feeling active and energetic
  • Working with social eating habits
  • Helping you feel good about you!
  • Feeling good in your skin
  • It promotes healthy living
  • Working on your conscious and subconscious mind, loving you and your body.
Weight Loss & Health Gain CD
Price: $29.95

Deep Relaxation

Ever have trouble sleeping? Relaxing? Unwinding?

  • This CD has relaxation techniques to help you release all the tension in your mind and body
  • Encouraging healthy living and your body functioning the way it should.
  • This cd is designed for you to play at night as you sleep, in relaxation time, meditation time, pray time, visualization time, YOUR TIME!
  • This Cd has soothing background music and sounds with the soft calm voice of Belinda Pearl instructing relaxation techniques unique to Australian Active Aim.
  • It is a wonderful CD to help you unwind, relax, keep you on track.
  • A simple quick way to keep you recharged & energised for the challengers in your life.
  • If you have trouble to relax, this is perfect for you!
Deep Relaxation CD
Price: $29.95

Complete Set of 5 CDs

Buy the complete set of 5 CDs described above

for the discounted price of $120.00,

  • Building Confidence
  • Increasing Productivity & Success
  • Releasing the Past
  • Weight Loss & Health Gain
  • Deep Relaxation
Complete Set of 5 CDs
Price: $120.00

Motivational Mug

Large Fashionable Funky Mugs

  • Each mug is unique and has its own original design
  • All hand painted with each addition numbered
  • Each mug carries an original life changing motivational message
  • All mugs are original and created for you
  • Great collector’s item
Large Fashionable and Funky Mug
Price: $24.95 each



Examples of Motivational Life Changing Messages:

“Reach for the stars and don’t let the clouds stop you!”

“What excuses do you have, stopping you from success?”

“Why live today with the crap you had yesterday?”

“There is always a key to open any door!”

“Only you can limit your future, live with no limits!”

“Being honest doesn’t mean being nasty”

“Dream like a child, with no logic!”

“Your dreams are only limited by you!”


Personalised inspirational relaxation C.D’s

  • You are invited in for an interview about your dreams, aspirations and needs for personal alterations
  • A script is written just for your needs and requirements
  • We create specific motivational messages for you with relaxation techniques and beautiful relaxing background music
  • All made and recorded with quality products and sounds

As each product is unique, please contact us for a quote if you are interested in this product.