As a business mentor and running a business myself, one of the most important aspects is customer service. We are about innovation, encouraging the expiration of boundaries, and thinking outside the circle, but at the end of the day we are here to deliver a quality and effective service for our clients. So it is very important to us to receive your feedback on past performance and also how we can continue to improve and create the highest quality of service possible.


How do I describe Belinda Pearl?

She is inspiring, down to earth, knowledgeable about business (and about life and people), creative, generous, and her enthusiasm and positive energy is simply infectious.

And do you know what? I know that Belinda really cares about my business and me.

Wether your business is just starting off, or you’ve been in business for a long time, and your business needs new life and ideas and your ready for that next step, I highly recommend this amazing woman.

She has taught me to be positive about myself and my business, when, as a first time business owner I was floundering. I am no longer floundering and my business and I are growing and developing beautifully.

Isabella McKay



All teachers and students found the dance program engaging and enjoyable. The progress and skills esteem was quite remarkable.

Belinda  was always a total professional. Her preparation was exemplary, the rapport she developed with the children showed how well she understands their different levels of skill development. Her commitment was beyond what was expected, was demonstrated by continuing instruction during recess for those students who wished to continue practise and by her pledge to return later in the second semester to assist students with rehearsal for their annual concert and to also be present at the concert.

Woady  yaloak primary school


Belinda has bought so much to class and was always like a ‘breath of freash air’ suprising class/ students always in some shape or form!

Belinda is always ready to assist you and if she is unable to do so, she will always follow up and point you in the right direction. She is extremely enthusiastic and has her students best in interest  as her no 1 priority.

You are one of the best teachers I have ever had.

U make this course heaps of fun!

Thank-you so much, for one person you do an awful lot of good! Kind deeds change lives.

Thank-you so much for your encouragement and support to each and every one of us.

I enjoyed listening to your stories, you are a thoughtful, kind, caring and a wonderful person.

Anonymous Student


Belinda believed one day she would “collaborate and build a business about me and what l love”. She did exactly that.

Belinda is the owner and operator of Australia Active Aim, a motivational teaching, business and workplace training and mentoring organisation.

Her role in this organisation varies; it’s hard to keep up with her busy day-to-day schedule!

In Belinda’s classes that she teaches, she likes to spice things up by doing activities some would say out of the norm.

“I’m proud of being different.”

“Belinda Pearl would have to be the most imaginative, outrageous, think outside the box kind of girl that I have ever met,” she said.

“Belinda is always thinking of new ingenious and wacky ways to try and engage her students.

I never know what she is going to dream up next!  But that is what makes her such a wonderful trainer.” She said.

Belinda engages her students and really builds bonds with each and every one of them.

Belinda brings out the best in people through her generous, caring and kind nature.

“She works with tremendous energy, enthusiasm, and perseverance to achieve her own goals and to help those around her achieve theirs.” he said.

It’s not only the students and her team that she has a great rapport with, but also her two young boys. It’s their love and support and the joys from being a mother which Belinda agrees is the best job of all.

She sees her professional work as a motivator an intuitive ability and says she couldn’t see herself in a role other than that of motivating other people to reach their own goals in life.

With an adventurous spirit and a creative mind, Belinda says she “loves going out of her comfort zone”.



Here are some of the comments we have received:

  • “I can honestly say Belinda was and still is one of the most motivated and determined people I have ever met.”
  • “Belinda is an excellent asset to the NEIS program and still holds the position of mentoring to our Neis clients.”
  • “Belinda works outside the square and has the ability to connect with people from all walks of life, motivating and taking them to levels beyond even their expectations.”
  • “Belinda’s determination and dedication to help others is amazing.”
  • “Her experience and knowledge shines through her results. Belinda’s informative reports are precise.”
  • “She is punctual, prompt and extremely professional.”
  • “Belinda has taken the initiative on her own time to create a businesses registry, write motivational poems, business sales and service tips for all her mentorees.”
  • “Many of Belinda’s clients have raved about the benefits she has given them.”
  • “Belinda has a bubbly personality, is always happy, positive and oozing passion for anything she does.”
  • “Belinda is amazingly organized, she submits her requirements way before her dead line.”
  • “Belinda is always punctual and presents herself well and professionally.”
  • “Belinda works very hard and puts in more than most.”
  • “It is not uncommon for Belinda to purchase many props and goodies to assist her with her training off her own back, she has great initiative.”
  • “Belinda works outside of the square and is always thinking of how to make her classes fun and innovative.”
  • “Belinda has a habit of bringing her courses alive by creating practical learning in every way she can.”
  • “Although Belinda’s training is fun and exciting, she still manages to get the students to complete a high quality standard of work. Sometimes beyond what is required.”
  • “The relationship Belinda has between all her students is remarkable.”
  • “The rapport she builds personally with each student is so beneficial to the students’ success.”
  • “Belinda has an ability to work with students that are challenging and turn them around.”
  • “She seems to enjoy taking on the challenge of troubled students.”
  • “Belinda Pearl is a very passionate, professional and sincere person and we will continue to use Australian Active Aims services.
  • “The teacher who teaches us is a good teacher and dancer. I reckon its really fun!  

    it was one of the most exciting moments I’ve ever had”

  • “She was polite, friendly and easy going. She knew what she was talking about. The practical stuff was entertaining.


At Australian Active Aim we regularly conduct feedback surveys for our valued clients. We ask the clients to rate us on professionalism, punctuality, informative, planning, friendliness, and entertaining. We pride ourselves on our constant impressive results.

One question asked in the survey is what is the best part of attending Australian Active Aim’s courses or mentoring program:

  • “Being motivated”
  • “Always cheerful & has good suggestions for problem solving”
  • “New ideas for marketing opportunities”
  • “Enthusiastic!” being enthusiastic about my achievements”
  • “Being able to talk about the business with someone who is not directly involved & who could therefore spot opportunities or problems that I was too focused to see”
  • “Helping certificate IV in business and filling out form”
  • “Belinda is always willing to listen to problems and offer advice to rectify the problem”
  • “The positive feedback, which helps”
  • “Discussing ideas about how to improve and sell my artwork, especially my sculpture, and actually talking to someone else for a change.”
  • “Advice invaluable”
  • “Explaining the paper is great. Real relaxing & casual”
  • “Ideas on displaying”
  • “Helping with business plan setting strategies/ guidelines. Enjoyable to talk to”
  • “Learning”
  • “The whole visit was nice”
  • “When Belinda noticed all our new addictions and when she brought her children out for a shake at our cafe”
  • “Belinda has helped come up with more options and ideas”
  • “The help in filling in my paperwork. The support gives lots of confidence. Good advice.”
  • “Makes the classes fun & entertaining”
  • “The classes were fun & valuable”
  • “She is great at teaching & she makes it fun as well as getting the work done!!!”
  • “Her creativeness (x 2)”
  • “Everything fun, out going & polite. She listens”
  • “I enjoyed how she makes our classes more fun”
  • “Very nice person to deal with”
  • “She is willing to take time and listen and help”
  • “Outgoing attitude & personality and enjoy a laugh but very helpful”
  • “Was always happy & wanting to help”
  • “She is really great as a teacher and very helpful & outgoing”
  • “She made a lot of the assessments fun.”
  • “Belinda is very nice person & doing dress up, make-up made the class fun, not boring”
  • “Everything”
  • “Her experience”

Clients were also asked in the survey what could be improved with your mentor/trainer?

  • “Nothing”
  • “You can’t improve on perfection”
  • “Seriously nothing!”
  • “All working well”
  • ” Nothing, it was great”
  • “See her more often”
  • “Nothing, her classes were fun & informative & helpful”
  • “I really can’t think of any improvements, as all my mentor visits have been extremely helpful in developing the business.”
  • “Nothing that I can think of”
  • “More time”
  • “Where we can go to take her next class”

Comments written on cards given to Australian Active Aim:

  • “Thank-you for all your wonderful support – Paul”
  • “Thank you for all your amazing help and advice this year – Tracey”
  • “Thanks for bringing so much fun and enjoyment to the students and preparing us for our massage and relaxation stall for the family fun day. You did a fantastic job!! Thanks once again. Brigid.”
  • “Thanks for everything – Aaron”
  • “Thank-you for all your help throughout this course. Your one of the best teachers I have ever had. Thanks for everything. Hope we can keep in touch. – Skye”
  • “Thanks for being a good teacher to this school. We are all going to miss u and ur smile love Ebony”
  • “Thanks 4 being an awesome teacher u make this course heaps fun. I’ll miss ya! Lewis”
  • “There are no words to express my gratitude for all you have done thank-you so much and for one person, you do an awful lot of good. Thanks kind deed change lives thank-you, thank you again, hope to catch up again. Annett.”
  • “Thanks heaps Belinda you have been an awesome teacher and a better friend. Matt”