Tips & Thoughts

Tips and Thoughts

Here are some Tips and thoughts to help you through your business!

What Australian Active Aim thinks is important for any business:

  • Plan your time table and stick to it
  • Keep a diary and write everything in it
  • Have balance between business and your personal life
  • Don’t forget time for yourself! Have relaxing baths or casual walks
  • Be sure you make time for sleep! If having trouble sleeping try relaxation music, relaxation techniques, aromatherapy oils, a bath and no coffee, caffeine or cigarettes before bed
  • Don’t forget you children, partner or family. Go to the park and play every so often
  • Make time for exercise. It stimulates the mind and helps clear the mind of negative thoughts
  • Make time for your business and make it a priority
  • Always make time for book work ( you could be brilliant at what you do, but lose everything from not doing book work)
  • Get the jobs you hate out of the way, so you don’t stress about them
  • Return calls promptly as that’s your future business
  • Keep in mind a lot of people get burnt out when starting a business. Do everything you can to avoid that
  • Make goals and believe in them. Don’t just set them. Smell them, touch them and feel them!
  • Visualise your success! Relax, close your eyes and clearly see your success! What you would look like, what your life would look like and how you would feel
  • Don’t just work really hard and believe you deserve success, trust that your success will come too! TRUST!
  • You will have hundreds of ideas, but focus on the important ones first and complete them, until moving onto the next idea
  • Don’t expect opportunity will just turn up to your door, go work hard to get it!
  • Think about your market all the time. Always have business cards with you
  • Think outside of the square. Think of what your competitors have not!
  • Put yourself in your markets shoes! Think of how you would like to be approached
  • What advertising would make you buy your product or service?
  • Do independent research on what advertising works for what types of products and services
  • Hit your market right on the head. Don’t just throw your marketing around and advertise where it is likely not to work. Think about it! Work smarter rather than harder!
  • Always keep your business fresh! Don’t let it go stale! Keep it clean and tidy
  • Keep your ideas fresh
  • Customers are your business!!! Always treat them with kindness and respect. Word of mouth can make or break your business
  • Know about your product and service. Know what the ingredients are and be confident
  • Know what other products and services are out there
  • Sales are attracted by confidence! Be confident with what you are selling
  • Communication makes the world successful! Using good communication will get you what you want from your customers
  • You can excuse a mistake or bad product, but you can never excuse bad service!
  • Be kind to your customers, but let them know how valuable you are, always appear to be busy!
  • If you have cheap prices, people think your product or service is cheap!
  • Offer more incentives for the customer to see value in your service or product, rather than reducing the price (e.g. Free leg massage with a leg wax)
  • Always file records when you receive them, so you can easily find them when you need them
  • Kill difficult customers with kindness, they will come around and be loyal to you forever
  • Treat your staff with respect, give them rewards and input, and then they will give you so much in return!

Love what you do! And people will love coming to you!

  • If you have a new brochure hand it to prospective clients and ask them what they think of it and how it could be improved
  • Have a phone message as a short plug
  • Plug your email address everywhere
  • Web sites will not work on their own, people need to know your there
  • Sell your product by doing it! And be it! (wear your product, show that you’re using your product)
  • Marketing, is leading to success
  • Put yourself in your clients’ shoes, would your marketing make you buy your product?
  • Market outside the square! If you want a corporate company to become your client send a gift to them with your brochure
  • When marketing, present features and benefits to the client
  • Show competitive differences when marketing
  • Create urgency when marketing, so they get to you before they forget about you. Have time limits! One to two weeks is good
  • Be aware that SMSing can come across rude and annoying, it is wise to ask the client if it is o.k. to text before doing so
  • Too many emails can also be too annoying
  • Having a web site is a store open 24 hours, 7 days a week
  • Yellow pages cost nothing if you just have a listing of your number, business name and address. This also puts you on the internet for nothing
  • White pages cost nothing as well for your name, address, and phone number listing

Life changing thoughts/Poems- written by Belinda Pearl

Hurdle Heaven

You may come to face a brick wall,

Or you may think things have not worked out as you expected.

If you know you will succeed, there is no room for failure.

Success just may take longer than planned.

It’s ok to have a down moment, but then pick you up and keep going.

Don’t have problems, just face challengers.

Take on the challenge with great force, positivity and enthusiasm.

If you were a hurdlest you wouldn’t stop at every hurdle and stress about the challenge.

You would run towards the hurdle with knowing you can get over it. You will enjoy the challenge!

Paint a rainbow!

Paint the most valuable picture,

Use the most vibrant colours,

Build it up with depth and texture.

Fill it with magic, joy, true inspiration and might.

This is the way you should plan your life.

Paint a brilliant picture of goals.

See your future,

Smell it,

Taste it,

Feel it,


Then go get it!

River flow!

Let your dreams and ideas flow,

With no inhibition or fears,

No logic or reasoning.

Put the precious dream eggs in a basket,

Nurture them!

Sort them into age categories,

which one will you hatch first?

Which eggs need to be incubated

And nurture for longer.

Which can be boiled, prepared and

Carefully peeled into place.

All eggs can have life if you nurture, trust and

Give them a chance!

As you see it!

The world is as you see it.

If you see it crashing,

It will crash around you.

If you see opportunity,

You will find it.

A lot of people will be fearful and run,

The strong will stay and get their business!