Workplace Training

Workplace Training

Many options available for workplaces, we are flexible and accommodating.

From a one hour training work shop per week for 5 weeks, personal one on one training, to a full comprehensive program to work with all your training needs.

We come to your workplace at the time that suits you and your staff.
All inclusive training at your convenience, how easy!

Our dynamic courses create a spark in the staff, amazing customer service and brilliant sales increase!

We are enthusiastically motivational and HELP THE DISINTERESTED BECOME INTERESTED!

Course options are endless, some recommendations are:

  • Team building
  • Learning to learn fast and efficiently
  • Employability skills
  • Problem solving
  • Using initiative
  • Personal management
  • Enjoying your work
  • Understanding you and  being understood by the world
  • Making and keeping customers happy
  • Sell and service
  • Career direction and promotion
  • Positive constructive criticism
  • Increasing memory
  • Systems and organisation

Staff solution program

Our staff solution program creates more  productive staff which creates a more productive and successful business.

We help to make staff work faster, harder, smarter, kinder and happier. We give staff tools to fix their troubles, to help create a stress free environment.

We can limit the amount of conflict in the workplace, as well as look after your staffs needs so you don’t need to worry about it so much. Staff can feel heard, appreciated and a part of the workplace.

The staff solution program is tax deductable and can guard you against issues like sexual harassment, work cover, work care, discrimination and stress leave.

What the Staff Solution program entails:

  • Interview the employer about their needs and concerns
  • We can have a meeting with all staff members to educate them about the program and get them excited about the program. This lets the staff know how much their employer cares about them. This can also show how much the employees can strive for the business to receive benefits and bonuses all year around
  • We survey all employees on all facets of the business
  • Collaborate all surveys and suggestions
  • Give a full report on the staff feedback
  • Give a full recommendation on the staff needs and requests
  • We create courses and workshops to suit your business needs
  • Conduct a full day work shop with related issues to the business and employees
  • Courses are fun and innovative so all staff can enjoy them
  • We award hard working staff with certificates and prizes
  • We cater each program to suit each business
  • We created the “Staff Solution Program” to run every month but also accept the program with availability to run every 3 months, ½ year and even one off training and workshops

Great benefits to the employer:

  • We can help your staff to increase sales
  • Improve customer service
  • Increase organisation and productivity
  • Create great workplace communication
  • Create loyal staff
  • Completely tax deductible
  • Help fight against work cover, sexual harassment, discrimination and unfair dismissal claims
  • Can eliminate or minimise staff conflicts
  • You don’t really need to worry about your staff because we can
  • You don’t really need to hear constantly about conflicts
  • We can create low staff turnover
  • We can create less sick days taken

Would you make any of the following statements? If so we can help you!

  • I can’t seem to keep my staff
  • My staff keep having days off
  • My staff are lazy
  • My staff steal from me constantly
  • The staff come to me with conflicts all the time
  • The staff are just not organized
  • Staff are always late, late back from lunch etc
  • My staff are always stressed out
  • My staff don’t care about the business
  • My staff don’t get along
  • My staff are shifty and take, take, take!
  • My staff are always going home early with head aches
  • There is always conflicts in the workplace
  • The staff don’t know how to relax
  • My staff cant think for themselves, they have no initiative
  • I just cant seem to find hardworking staff
  • I have very different types of personalities in the workplace and there is no rapport built
  • Our business needs to increase our sales
  • I need to get my staff working harder and more productive
  • The staff hate working in the business
  • There is no teamwork in the workplace
  • The staff need to communication
  • The staff don’t work together positively
  • Non of the staff seem to be Motivated
  • Staff seem to communicate aggressively
  • Some staff are too quiet and passive
  • The staff need to communicate more assertively
  • My staff have bad body odour and need to be more hygienic
  • My staff need to present themselves more professionally
  • My staff have dirty uniforms and never look clean
  • I would love my staff to have a little more style, make-up, clothing and presentation
  • I would love fast learning staff
  • Things are constantly getting forgotten in the workplace
  • Everyone is passing the buck and blames each other
  • Information is not getting recorded correctly
  • I would love to make my staff more employable
  • My staff just cant problem solve, they always need management to figure it out for them
  • My staff cant think for themselves or use their initiative
  • My staff need personal management training
  • I would love my staff to enjoy their work
  • Our organisation needs better customer service

More statements you might make:

  • Our staff members have horrendous telephone manner
  • My staff need work on selling and giving good service
  • I would like my staff to be conscious of career development
  • I want my staff to strive for workplace promotions
  • I want my staff to truly try and want to impress me
  • I want my staff to take positive constructive criticism and not get offended
  • I want my staff to not be hurtful to others in the way they say things, I want my staff to learn to be constructive
  • I would like my staff to encourage each other to strive

Great benefits to the staff:

  • Break old habits, create new ones
  • Promote ambition and motivation in staff
  • Learn to enjoy the workplace
  • How to communicate well in the workforce
  • How to deal with conflict in the workplace, constructively
  • Dealing with the stress of work
  • Commend and be recognized for hard work
  • To be heard!
  • Guidance and direction in the workplace
  • Giving and dealing with constructive criticism
  • Working with failures, fears and lessons into freedom
  • Setting goals and visualization
  • Personal growth, improving personal and professional life

We personally create the perfect training for your workplace. Give your organization what it needs.

Some Training Packages include:

  • Increasing productivity
  • Workplace communication
  • Increasing sales
  • Team work/ working together positively
  • Motivation in the workplace
  • Time management
  • Organizational skills
  • Conflict resolution/ conflict  management
  • Assertive communication
  • Personal presentation in the workplace
  • Learning fast and efficiently in the workplace
  • Stress management
  • Relaxation
  • Employability skills
  • Problem solving
  • Using initiative in the workplace
  • Personal management
  • Making sure you enjoy your work
  • Customer service
  • Telephone manners
  • Sell and service
  • Increasing sales
  • Career development and promotions
  • Positive constructive criticism
  • Encouraging staff and people around you
  • Working with different personalities

Sample of a monthly Report


Employers concerns:

The staff seem to be fighting and there is a lot of aggression in the workplace. The staff are constantly coming to management to sort out their problems.

Staff summary:

Desired gifts:

  • 90% of the staff thought a night away or a meal voucher would be desirable.
  • 79% would enjoy a massage or a movie voucher
  • 30% would like beauty treatments, facial, gym memberships, aromatherapy and massage oils.
  • 10% would like the heat packs, swimming voucher, self help books and yoga.

Suggested improvements to the business:

  • The staff room could have a microwave
  • The staff could stop fighting
  • The staff could stop talking behind everyone’s back
  • The management could listen more
  • The management could get rid of the nasty workers
  • Do something with the lazy workers in this business

The best part staff see about the business:

  • The pay
  • The bonuses
  • Our customers
  • The product they produce
  • RDO’s and Holidays
  • Families welcomed into the workplace

The best policy in the business:

  • Bonuses at the end of the year
  • Welcoming families
  • Paying above award

Suggested improvements to the workplace:

  • Stop all the back stabbing
  • Stop all the fighting
  • Make work fun
  • Teach management to care

The courses the staff suggested most were, in order as most desired:

  • Conflict resolution/ conflict management
  • Workplace communication
  • Team work/ working together positively
  • Working with different personalities
  • Increase productivity
  • Positive constructive criticism
  • Enjoying it in the workplace
  • Stress management

The voted Best staff:

  • Mary Toms got 60% of the votes
  • Stuart Bryan got 22% of the votes
  • Jane Johns got 14% of the votes
  • Melissa Anderson got 2% of the votes
  • Tom Wong got 1% of the votes
  • Tray Dunn got 1% of the votes


It is clear through conducting a thorough search with all involved within the business that staff are not enjoying their job due to the people they work with. They are working there due to the pay being the above award rate. There doesn’t appear to be anything with the workplace that appeals to the staff.
The staff seem to not like the people they are working with and the way they are communicating.
Management seem to have had enough with all the conflicts going on in the workplace and the staff seem to think management is not listening any more.


It is my recommendation that I personally create a course that suits your business perfectly.
I recommending in the one day training and workshop we work on conflict management, communication in the workplace and learning to enjoy the workplace.
In the future we could look at different personalities, gratitude and dealing with criticism.
I recommend Mary Toms win staff member of the month as she was voted unanimously for being a hard worker and kind person. I recommend we give her a $100 voucher at Top 2 Toe beauty salon for treatments, as this was one of her top choices.
I also recommend Stuart Bryan get a $35 massage oil pack as he had the second highest number of votes for most efficient worker and hard worker.
As previously organized the next training day is 12.10.10. I will contact you next week to confirm your wishes on the type of training you request.

Belinda Pearl

Sample Price structure for “STAFF SOLUTION PROGRAM”

Services provided Hours Cost
Meeting with employer to ascertain their needs 1-2 hours $50- $100
Contact all staff members with the survey, course dates, awards and information 6 hours $150
survey all staff 4 hours $100.00
Collate all surveys 2 hours $50.00
Writing the report 2 hours $50.00
Create and research awards 4 hours $100.00
Prizes included 4 hours $100.00
Write course specifically to the business 15 hours $750.00
Preparation for the course 3 hours $150.00
Preparing stationary 2 hours $100.00
Telephone communication 2 hours $50.00
Delivery of the course 5 hours $1500.00
Total 51 hours $3200.00


Product and equipment Cost
Prizes for award winning staff $200- $400
Stationary $200
Petrol, electricity, phone, internet $150
Equipment for the course $200
Total $750- $950

Total of package for 10-20 staff members and one employer is $4150.00 plus GST.

With this price sample, If you make a 6 month commitment to the monthly staff solution program it will be discounted to $2000.00 per month plus GST. You also save a place in our training program. That is over 50% saving.

The staff solution program is tax deductible.

About Belinda Pearl creator of Australian Active Aim

  • 16yrs experience in motivational teaching
  • Experience business mentor/ consultant (over 60 businesses)
  • Owned many businesses in a variety of fields
  • Extensive experience in staff motivating and training
  • Experienced in training challenging youth
  • Qualified trainer and assessor
  • Qualified in counselling and communication
  • Working with children check
  • Senior 1st aid  certificate

Prizes for the impressive working staff

  • Prizes can alter to suit the employers wishes and staffs needs
  • Prizes are funded by Australian Active Aim ( unless employer wants to go above the budget)
  • All prizes that are chosen from Australian Active Aim, are to encourage stress management and relaxation for the staff. So the business benefits also
  • Prizes can range from $20.00 to $300.00 in value
  • Massages
  • Facials and Beauty treatments
  • A month or three month gym memberships
  • A special night away
  • A yoga membership
  • Relaxation music
  • Self help books
  • Aromatherapy oils, massage oils and oil burner packs
  • Bath packs
  • Teddy heat packs
  • All staff who win ‘employee of the month’ will receive an award also

Course descriptions

  • Workplace communication– How to communicate effectively with others. How to work positively with other staff members.
  • Team work– Getting the staff to work together to know how to work well with others.
  • Motivation in the workplace– Getting excited about the workplace and Living a happier and more productive life.
  • Time management and organization– This course is to teach the staff to be more organized and make the workplace function much better and on time.
  • Conflict resolution and assertive communication– Help staff in the workplace, communicate well and deal with conflicts in the workplace, also what causes conflict.
  • Presentation in the workplace– This is about what is the appropriate way to present yourself in the work place. We talk about hygiene and fashion. What’s not appropriate, right down to the type of socks and seen underwear. Discuss the tough issues that are sometimes hard to bring up when you’re an employer.
  • Learning to learn fast and effectively in the workplace– A workshop that works with memory and the blocks that stop us from learning effectively. The way we think about ourselves and intelligence. We work with confidence in ourselves and our learning. We also work with learning styles.
  • Stress management and relaxation– This is about handling stress, realize how much stress you can deal with and how to take away stress. All different stress management skills and relaxation skills.
  • Employability skills– This workshop teaches staff how to be more employable and stay employable. Covering issues like communication, technology, personal management, team work, problem solving, initiative and enterprise.
  • Problem solving– Teaching staff how to look at problems in a positive and productive manner.  Keeping stress at bay when dealing with problems. Taking on the challenge!  Eradicating victim behaviour.
  • Using initiative in the workplace– This is a brilliant workshop to teach the staff to think for themselves, think what needs to be done, what they can do and how they can do it safely and effectively.
  • Personal management – Looks into personal strength, time management, organization and emotional management. Even when they have a bad day or problem at work. Also personal hygiene and presentation. Not to mention researching their own weaknesses in personal management.
  • Enjoying your work– This course is about gratitude and seeing the good in what they have at work. Looking at the things they enjoy at work and how they can continue to enjoy those things. This course also looks on the good things, not looking at the little bad things.s
  • Making and keeping customersIs all about good quality customer service, the type of service that makes the customer come back again and again. Also working on apologising and complaints.

If you would like us to send an information package to you or would like us to answer any of your questions please contact us!  We will be more than happy to do so.

Our business mentoring can complement the staff solution program to look at all other facets of you business such as marketing, tax, promotion and much more. For further information look on the business mentoring page.